Former Idols Contestant Bags A Sponsorship From A Funeral Company

It's always been said that funerals in South Africa go with entertainment, afterall we are a country that openly embraces the concept of "After Tears". Well, the funeral business sectors has taken note of the correlation between death and entertainment in Mzansi and they want in on the game. 

Clientelè must have paid welfare TV more than a penny to have those Lillian and Desmond Dube Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan ads running on a seemingly continuous loop like that. 

Etv telenovela Ashes To Ashes which is set on the backdrop of a family funeral parlour business, bagged itself a sponsorship from Assupol, which also has entertainers such as Maduvha, Spikiri, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Bra Hugh touting their funeral policies as must-haves. 

No surprise then that other funeral brand would not want to be left out. With that Doves Funeral has jumped on the fray by putting their name behind former Idols contestant Mmatema Moremi.

Mmatema, who hails from the luscious province of Limpopo, announced recently that she will have her debut show aptly titled ‘One Woman Show’ on the 2nd July 2016 at a venue to be announced.

Her announcement was accompanied by a promo single, Make A Way, which currently sits at just under 100 000 views on YouTube. 

This ‘One Woman Show’ will be sponsored by Doves Funeral.

KuRough on these industry streets so any sponsorship is always welcomed but I would be remise if I did not confess that when I was told these news my first thought was; is she doing Gospel now?

The cheeky side of me found it a tad morbid that someone who is starting a career would be associating herself with a brand that is about death ... but my sensible side told me to lighten up as this is business and if death money can get someone to create a platform for their dreams then all we can do is applaud the brand for caring and support the artist. 

Or kanjane?

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