Jussie Smollett "JAMAL" Is Leaving EMPIRE

Empire's breakout star Jussie Smollett may be leaving the show. On this past week’s episode, actor Smollett‘s character, Jamal Lyons, was shot and rushed to the hospital following an attempt to protect his father’s life. 

The show ended briefly after that scene, making for some serious cliffhanger action heading into next week’s episode, but Smollett may have just vanished all the suspense from the situation.

The actor and musician appeared to send some farewell tweets out from his account a few short hours ago, declaring that he ‘thoroughly enjoyed his time with Empire,’ and that he’ll be diving deeper into the entertainment world with “a record & some movies.”

According to Entertainment Weekly in the US, Smollet is till under contract with the show and the producers have not said anything about him leaving. 

Smollet is known for sending suggestive tweet. Just last week when some viewers complained that the show was getting 'too gay', the actor posted a tweet that seemed to mock the outrage.  

Empire's ratings in the US have been slipping and perhaps Smollet is making a smart move by jumping the ship now, while the show still commands some big numbers and respect. 

On the other hand, Smollet is known to be good friends with the show's creator Lee Daniels and I doubt he would want to betray him by quitting. Either way, whatever the circumstances it would be sad to see Smollet leave the show. 

Empire will more than likely be renewed for a seson 3 so we shall see!

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