Naija Crooner Flavour N'abania Says Marriage Disrupts Careers | Spotted Shirtless in Ghana

Nigerian musician, Flavour N'abania, known in Mzansi for his Nwa Baby hit song, ruffled a few feathers in his deeply religious native country when he was recorded in an interview saying being married would be a "distraction at this point in his career". 

In an Instagram video uploaded by Hiptv, the singer said:

“Most of my colleagues whenever they get married, everything start crashing down. I keep asking people, have ever seen a successful musician having a good home and  a good career? You know, its not going to be easy.” 

Needless to say this did not go down well with a lot of Naijas, many suggesting that the star, who is know for his constant semi-naked picture posts on social media, is just looking for an excuse to promote his "loose" lifestyle. 

The singer reportedly has two baby mamas already — a fact also thrown into the backslash against his utterances. 

Ok, I understand that Nigeria is more conservative than we are here in SA so I respect the views of those opposed to Favour's views. However, I also kinda agree with him. Marriage is not for everyone. Why jump into it just to assimilate and risk breaking your wife or husband's heart when you just can't be what they expect in a marriage. 

The man has not ruled out marriage completely. He just said he does not think it would be good for him right now. He is not ready. Nothing wrong with that. Actually, it makes business sense...

The man sees himself as a sex symbol, as evidenced by his image in the industry. Plus he likes taking semi-naked pictures in bathrooms ... a lot!. His little habit might look a bit inappropriate or even creepy if he were to be a married man whilst still going through this phase of ... ehm ... self admiration.

Flavour kept his 'sex sells' image this past week when he showed up at an even in Ghana wearing a shirtless suit. The crooner took to the stage and exposed his six pack ], as per usual — much to the delight of his fans. 

That's his shtick. Why ruin that with being "the married guy"?

And by the way; I'm not exaggerating, this guy has an obsession with posing half naked infront of bathroom mirrors — not that I'm complaining. I bet he insists on having full length mirrors in hotels rooms he books. Exhibit below ...


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