Pepsi Stands By Tiwa Savage Amid Rumors That They Dropped her

Following her incredibly revealing interview that had the continent from Lagos to Jozi and even as far as London buzzing, rumour swirled that Africa's biggest female music star Tiwa Savage was dropped as one of Pepsi Nigeria brand ambassadors. 

According to M.D. Seven-Up Bottling Co. Sunil Sawhney, and Head of Marketing Norden Thurston,
‘Tiwa Savage remains a Pepsi Ambassador and all rumours of her being dropped by Pepsi should be disregarded.’
He made this statement via Twitter. Quelling the rumors and solidifying their relationship with the superstar. 

Tiwa Savage has been a Pepsi Nigeria brand ambassador since 2012 and currently represents the popular Cola brand alongside fellow a-listers Wizkid, Seyi Shay and Davido.

But why is it significant that Pepsi has come out in support of Tiwa? 

Well, in case you missed it; Last week the Naija super star opened up about the things that went on in her marriage with her former manager, Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Ballogun (also known as TJ). Teebillz accused Tiwa of infidelity in a flurry of Instagram posts which were deleted three hours after they were posted. 

In those posts, he said that he sacrificed his life for Tiwa Savage, putting in his work and money to ensure her success. In one of those, he posted a throwback photo of Tiwa and wrote, “this was you when I met you with 100 percent insecurity."
I remember when Wale called me about a girl that’s got talent and u told him I wasn’t interested!” 
He later said that his account was hacked. 

Tiwa Savage categorically denies ever cheating on her husband…”and Tunji knows this” she adds.

In the Pulse Tv interview Tiwa reveals;
  • She had a devastating miscarriage just 2 months ago
  • She and Tee Billz have had problems for a long time
  • Tee Billz was fraudulent and stole from her as her manager
  • She fired him as her manager to give them a chance to work on their marriage
  • Tee Billz cheated on her frequently
  • The final straw as per infidelity was when she saw a number saved as “edible catering” on his phone discussing various rendevous including during her miscarriage
  • She discovered that Tee Billz has another child in Nigeria, conceived during their relationship
  • According to Tiwa, Tee Billz has alcohol problems, a cocaine habit, lives above his means and has many other vices
  • He is currently owing over N45 Million and the EFCC is after him
  • She covered up his issues for so long by paying off his debts
  • He bought a rolex and a Mercedes even when he could not afford it and she ended up paying the debts
  • He accused her of “stealing his manhood”
  • She has NEVER cheated on her husband
  • Tee Billz was emotionally abusive and claimed “He made her”
  • The marriage was a mistake and it is over
  • Her focus is her son
  • She wishes Tee Billz the best and is praying for him

Tiwa's honesty and openness did not go unpunished. The star was dragged through social media and blogs for making her marital woes public. Many accused her of using the platform she has to exert revenge on her ex husband.

She also received a lot of support for coming out and opening up about what could possibly have been a very painful time in her life.

Following all this drama that is when the rumours of brands dropping her started making the rounds. Pepsi was one of them and their public declaring of continued support for Tiwa has put the brand in a good light because it shows the brand is not as masogynistic as many on the Naija blogs were.

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