Beyoncè Doing The Most For African Designers | Wears Senegalese Designer Outfit

When a woman who has a pick of any major design label and fashion house at her finger tips, picks you brand to wear, it means somethings. Superstar Beyoncè seems to be on a mission to give African aesthetic it's rightful place at the centre of pop culture. The star continues to give a nod to the motherland. 

Following her hugely publicised surprise launch of Lemonade, which featured some art, hairstyle and imagery from Africa. In “Sorry,” dancers line up, swaying and jerking in their bus seats, covered in the intricate patterns of Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo.

Laolu Senbanjo, is famous for using the female body to execute his body painting art magic, which is used in the video to bring Beyoncé's essence, soul and destiny to the fore through “The Sacred Art of the Ori” – a spiritual Yoruba ritual.

Beyoncè is now using the media and paparazzi attention on her to showcase some African designers. Or maybe she just choosing anything she like —who cares, it is benefiting the continent and we are grateful!

In April during a visit to the Cooper Hewit Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City, the superstar love South Africa designer Laduma Ngxokolo so much that she gave his brand Amaxhosa a shoutout on her official website.

Beyonce was recently spotted wearing  a colourful  appliquéd black  Selly Raby Kane kimono and rainbow skirt in a rather eclectic way on the streets of New York City. The Kimono and skirt are from the fashion brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection called “Dakar City of Birds”.

The Senegalese designer's collection was an eclectic mix of inspirations that tug on the senses and power of imagination. The kimonos are embellished with classic quilted wax prints, with shrimps and parrots while the sweaters are patched in a Senegalese ‘bayefall’ style.

Created in 2008, the design label embodies a mix of urban, Afro and pop while catering to the fashion forward individual with their signature mix of modern, traditional and contemporary fabrics.

No doubt having the world's biggest female star photographed out and about in not just with one piece but two of your design pieces is a huge boost to the label's profile. 

PS: On her 2013’s self-titled Beyonce, she not only sampled Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk on feminism, but gave the Nigerian author a featured credit on the track “Flawless.” And in the video for her 2011 hit “Run the World (Girls),” the pop phenomenon features dancers from the Mozambican dance crew Tofu Tofu, who used Pantsula moves, a dance style that originated in South Africa’s townships, in the music video.

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