Congrats to Pearl Modiadie | She Is The Most Watched TV Presenter in SA

A new Queen of ratings has arrived. Yes people, best acknowledge because Pearl Modiadie is now the highest rated television presenter in South Africa. 

With Zaziwa averaging between 3.9 and 4.1 million viewers per episode, the lady who hails from the Eastrand of Gauteng, reigns supreme at the helm of television ratings royalty. To put this in perspective; more people watch Pearl on Zaziwa than all E! or Vuzu viewers per day combined. 

According to the latest available ratings, which were captured in April, Zaziwa pulled 3 947 227 viewers on Thursday 28th April — a slight deep from March captured ratings of just over 4 million. Still her numbers are huge compared to her more famous counterparts and colleagues who get the most media attention. 

She made her television debut as one of the presenters of’s kids programme Craz-e in 2006. She was also a DJ at YFM from 2009 to 2013 and began hosting Zaziwa in 2013. She also boasts an acting nod on her resumè as she had a recurring role on SABC 1’s Generations a while back.

Given that she also dabbles a regular field presenter on SABC 3’s breakfast show Expresso, and co-hosts a show on SABC's most popular English medium show, Metro FM with 5 million listenership, this Tembisa lady deserves some respek! 

Congratulations to Pearl. 

Note: CC and Pabi get the most viewers with 5.3 million for Vodacom Millionaires on SABC1 but they are not presenting a full show as this is just a quiz commercial. This is why Pearl takes the title!

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