Generations Has Dethroned Uzalo As The Number 1 Show in SA

For the second month in a row, Generations The Legacy has reclaimed the number one spot on South Africa's list of most watched shows on television. According to the latest television viewership ratings, Generations has overtaken Uzalo. 

Generations The Legacy debuted on SABC 1 with some controversy after 16 actors were fired and the show that had been on air for over 18 years was pulled. The show returned with a new name and cast. It debuted high on its first week but soon lost its top of the ranks position to the telenovela-tuned soapie, Uzalo.

With Uzalo, SABC1 started pulling audiences that peaked at 8 million — a number the old Generations was not reaching very often. The highest the old Generations averaged at its peak often was 7 million. 

Uzalo has managed to sustain the 8 million pull and now Generations The Legacy is pulling the same figure whilst pushing Uzalo to the second 7 million position. 

In April, on the captured day for the primetime ratings, Generations pulled 8 091 914 viewership against Uzalo's 7 899 905. 

Now for the May captured figured, Generations has once again topped the list with an average of 8 002137 a 66.8% share against Uzalo's 7 973 988 a 65.8 share. They both share a 23.7 AR mark. 

So, it's official. Generation The Legacy is now the number 1 show in South Africa! 

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