METROFM News Reader Kgopedi Lilokoe To Co-Host 2016 Africa Movie Awards

South African radio personality Kgopedi Lilokoe, Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye and Ghana’s Chris Attoh have been announced as the official 2016 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) hosts.

I love this. Most South Africans will probably not know who Kgopedi is. I didn't. Still, I love that in the #OpenUpTheIndustry era I get to mention a name here you may never have read of before and that person is doing great things.

Kgobedi Lilokoe

This is what the future of the industry ought to be about. Expanding the platform for opportunities and giving new names a chance to shine and hone their skills. We are only better for it as an industry both here in Mzansi and on the continent. 


Kgopedi  Lilokoe nee Oa Namane is a Midday News & Africa Watch anchor on Metro FM Talk. The On-Air Personality will share the stage with some of the best talent on the continent as the academy for the film industry bestows its highest honors on our local filmmakers and performers. 

The much anticipated continental event will be held on 11th of June 2016 in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Wishing you all the best Kgopedi, make us proud!

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