Nathi and Boity Blast TimesLive For #SAMA22 Flawed Stories

Nathi Mankayi, had a big night at the SAMAs on Saturday — walking away with 5 trophies, but TimesLive decided to crown Black Coffee and Emtee as the kings of the night and Nathi ain't having none of that. 

Uncharacteristic to the normally reserved and withdrawn crooner, Mankayi took to Twitter to express his shock by simply pointing out that clearly the folks at TimesLive can not count.

With 5 trophies for Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album, Best Newcomer (supported by Apple Music), Best Male Artist, Best-selling Full-track Music Download and Best-selling Album of the Year, Mankayi is indeed the biggest winner of the night.

DJ Black Coffee walked away with three trophies at the event, Best Engineered Album, Best Dance Album and Best Album categories, including the honorary International Achievement Award.

Hip-hop star Emtee‚ scooped two major wins at the SAMAs; Best Rap Album and the prestigious Record of the Year Award.

Mankayi, who clearly woke up and surfed the net to busk in his SAMA glory, tweeted after seeing the headline; 

"wow really. Obv people can't count"

Local entertainment journalism has been getting a lot of flack lately for putting out inaccurate stories and info bordering on defamation. I usually don't prowl on what celebrities tweet and make it news but  Nathi's post is poignant because it comes hot on the heels of TimesLive being blasted just few hours prior for their story about Boity's 'alleged' lady parts being on display on the redcarpet.

Of course a thorough inspection of the pictures clearly reveal that what you seeing is just unfortunate shadows on the dress... something I expected a respected journo at a serious publication such as TimesLive to deduce. 

An offended Boity responded to the post by calling it 'pathetic' and fans agreed. This morning TimesLive changed the headline to; Oh dear! Boity & her bits are trending for all the wrong reasons. 

 Oh dear! Boity (and her vajayjay) are trending for all the wrong reasons

They removed the vulgar term but retained the narrative of the story. The use of the word that referenced her private part still remains; 
"While poor Boity walks the carpet, she's going to get a fright when she looks at Twitter and sees herself trending because of, er, her vajayjay." writes TimesLive
So in just a matter of hours, TimesLive managed to offend women by referencing Boity's private parts in one article and completely misrepresenting the night's winning streak on another, thus prompting the ire of the normally composed Nathi.

What going on at that media house? Is this click baiting getting out of control or do journos not know how to do their jobs anymore? Is it a case of malicious intent to push a negative narrative against some celebs?
You expect this sort of reporting from blogs or Sunday tabloid papers but I honestly never thought of TimesLive as a tabloid outlet. To me it fell in the same category as The Citizen, DRUM (10 years ago) and all these other proper media outlet that reported celebrity news with some credibility.

I don't know what's going on but all this is hurting the credibility of the general entertainment media in South Africa. When you can not distinguish between a tabloid rag and a serious entertainment media outlet then we have a problem.

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