Oprah Joins Pantheon Of Black TV Drama With New Series | Greenleaf

Complicated hierarchies, petty power struggles, and the righteous indignation of religion simmering in the background, that is the settings of the world Oprah Winfrey's new show "Greenleaf" hopes to dazzle viewers with. Yebo, Mama O is taking on Shonda Rhimes and Lee Daniels. 

Tonight, Tuesday June 21, marks the debut of 'Greenleaf' — created by former Lost and Six Feet Under writer Craig Wright and executive produced by Winfrey, the former talk show host also stars in the show. She plays a recurring character, named Mavis McCready, who owns a music club.

The series is about the various scandals and affairs of a bishop’s family in a Memphis megachurch. It's already been dubbed the “Empire” before “Empire” ... owing to the show's format premise similarity to the popular Fox music drama. 

The show is a bit like what “Empire” would be if the Lyons led a megachurch in Memphis instead of a record label. Rather than Cookie, a matriarch who spits sassy one-liners and would put Joseph's multicoloured coat fashion sense to shame with her multi-furred coats, 'Greenleaf' is focused on a sober former minister who is testing her faith. 

Critics comparisons of the two shows claim 'Greenleaf' is "less violent" and apparently has a greater variety of socially conscious issues. Decode: No gay sex! I mean, “Empire” touched on socially conscious issues too, albeit in a soapy kind of way, but they still brought issues of drug abuse, homophobia, mental illness, etc to the fore. 

Anyway, I have not seen the show so I can not say much about it. However, to say I am excited to see what Oprah has cooked up, would be an understatement. The show is aired on OWN stateside, and the only way we get own shows this side is through TLC or old syndicated shows sold by the distributors. 

I do not have a word yet on any of the local affiliates or channel feeds getting the show yet, but I bet it wont be long until South Africans get to see it and make their own judgement. I might see it online tomorrow and fill you guys in. 

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