SABC3 Cancels Its Highest Rated Show To Accomodate More Local Content

In a move that has send shockwaves around the industry, word broke out today that the 80% local quota at the SABC has claimed its first unexpected victim — Days Of Our Lives. Many people would not see any issue with these but majority would also not be aware that Days is the highest rated shows on the channel, so this makes no business sense. 

According to the latest released schedule, Days will disappear from Monday 21 July, replaced by Afternoon Express at 17h00. The local talker hosted by Bonang, Jeanie D, Bonnie and Danillo will be moved to an hour   later than its current time. A new talkshow will replace Afternoon Express on the 16h00 timeslot. The talker is called Real Talk.

For mow it seems the Bold and the Beautiful is still safe. That too can change anytime, given the approach the channel is taking of overhauling its schedule without any notice or explanation. With an average audience pull of about 1.5 million, Bold is the highest rated show on SABC3. 

All this begs the question; will getting rid of international shows that are out-performing local ones force viewers to watch local shows or will YOU just change the channel?

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