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Nyle DiMarco set the internet on a frenzy this week after he sat down with People in the wake of his historic Dancing With the Stars win in the US. The deaf Model was introduced to Mzansi when he appeared and won Tyra's model search competition which aired on Vuzu this year. 

The 27-year-old deaf model has endeared himself to millions around world by becoming the first deaf person to win two reality competition show in the US. Further more he amassed a huge gay following when he openly admitted to being sexually fluid. 

For those out of the loop; sexually fluid means he dates people not labels. The easiest route would be to call him bi-sexual by the who labels thing and sex is complicated so let's not even go there. He dates boy and girls — let's leave it at that.  

Asked by People’s Jeremy Parsons what he’d like people to see about his life if he were to do reality TV, Nyle said, 
“I think I would like people to see how I work with people, as a deaf person; how I’m able to interact with people. Really I just want a show that would follow my career, and that’s a great way to educate the public about how they can work with deaf people in this world.”

Asked whether he was “single and ready to mingle,” Nyle, responded, “I am very single.”
“A relationship isn’t a priority of mine but, you know, I’m hoping soon enough!”
Well with that smile and his devastatingly good looks, I doubt Nyle will stay single for long. It's great that he is more focused on building his career though. I admire that. Being on tv gets one attention but it doesn't last unless you have your priorities set right.

I am a fan so I wish him well. Hope he find that boy or girl that will make him happy.

Watch the interview;

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