Two Rising Stars To Look Out For | Meet Natasha Thahane and Karabo Maseko

 I have not done one of these feature post for a while and I am happy to put a spotlight on these two youngsters. In a time where people are doing the most ridiculous things on social media to get attention and attain some semblance of fame, there are still some young creatives willing to pay their dues for their seat at the table. 

It is not easy to come up in the ranks in this industry with so much pressure put on young creatives to trend or be part of a clique. But within the fray there are always those special gems with bubbling talent and charisma that, if nurtured correctly, could unleash a star. 

Over the course of 2016, I have been observing the careers of these two young creative and I think they are... ones to watch!

  • Karabo Maseko
20, TV presenter, Nelspriut

Claim To Fame: Hosts on Craz-e World Live and hip hop show Shiz Niz

There is literally no-one from the tween market who stands out right now. That 12 to 19 market has somewhat lost its zeal since YoTV faded from being cool. Craz-e hasn't always attracted major attention for their hosts like YoTV used to but things are changing. Karabo has the chops to be a good presenter. And I hear the girls love him — that is a huge advantage in building one's brand.

A lot of presenters that come through the kids programmes shows tend to struggle in rebranding and transitioning into adult content. Having watched some of his videos, I noticed that he is immersed in that Hip Hop slang world. Unless he wants to continue pursuing a career in that niche market, that yo-nigga-dawg stuff could limit him. The industry is embracing an authentic a South African voice right now, that what gets presenters ahead. 

Overview: Judging by his social media influence on the viewers and his clear grasp on one having to build a viable brand to sustain longevity in this business, I think he has a shot a being big someday. He will also grow. That is why I think he is 'One To Watch'

FUN FACTS: He is the younger brother of gorgeous actress and TV presenter, Tsholofelo Maseko. He was crowned the 2014 Mr Bunting res at UJ and he was part an acapella group called ‘This Is It’, which made it to the semi-finals at the National Eisteddfod competition.
  • Natasha Thahane
20, Actress, Capetown

Claim To Fame: As "Enhle" on Skeem Saam 

She is gorgeous! And talented. Being on one of the highest rated shows on television has catapulted this young actress to being recognised everywhere she goes but Natasha hasn't broken through that A-list ceiling yet. However, I see her as a younger version of a Terry Pheto. I don't think she needs to be out there as much. I think she is one of those industry people who will only get attention for doing amazing projects —not for who they date or what they say on social media. Please don't date a rapper!

Natasha is Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's granddaughter. For that she will always be expected to act proper and that might limit her artistic freedom. But, the world has changed so she may just shock us and carve an independent path for herself.

Overview: Did I mention she is gorgeous? What designer or photographer would not want to work with such a beauty?! Having met her once, she is also very polite and a chilled girl not fazed by the attention she gets from fans. That is a good trait to have. She is also a good actress. The girl can hold her own against the best in the field. She is one of the most captivating stars on Skeem Saam and that says something for someone who made her acting debut on Ekasi Stories — not really Julliard! Mark my words, this girl will make a film with the right role and she will blow people away à la Terry Pheto with Tsotsi

FUN FACTS: She dropped out of Wits University where she was studying accounting. She is studying a media-related course at Boston Media House. She as an extra on SABC1 show 'Single Galz' in 2013.

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