Two Tracks On Beyoncè's Lemonade Are NOT About JayZ

Beyonce's co-writers are sounding off and putting some of the Lemonade rumours hype to bed. Turns out two of Bey's most emotionally driven songs on Lemonade are NOT about Jay-Z. She might not even know what one of the two is written about. 

Ingrid Burley, who co-wrote "Love Drought", has revealed to the media that the lyrics to the track have fokol to do with Hova but are actually about a rocky experience she had with Beyonce’s label. She also claims that this is some info, even Beyonce doesn’t know.

The story goes; “Two of the people who were running the label at the time had lied to me and told me Beyonce wasn’t currently listening to any new music,” the Houston rapper told Genius. But four days later, Ingrid came to Queen B’s writing camp only to find out that the singer had given extensive notes on songs that she was interested in. Naturally Ingrid felt as though she’d been lied to and says; 
"I was so pissed. And then I had my feet on a desk and smokin' —I remember it like it was yesterday. I wrote the song in 30 min. " 
"I was just thinking, as I'm loping this beat ... I couldnt even get it out of my head, they lied to me. I said; ten times out of nine I know you lying. Then I thought Ingrid thats too much; but nine times out of ten I know you tryin'"
For the record, it was reported last week that Ingrid is the latest artist to be signed to Beyoncé's company, Parkwood Entertainment. 

"It's probably the most amazing secret I've ever had to keep in my life," rapper told The FADER of the news about her signing to Beyonce's label.  

Ingrid has been close with Beyoncé since their childhood Texas days—as a friend of the Knowles family first, and as a creative collaborator in more recent years. She has participated in writing camps (she has a publishing deal with Sony ATV) and honed her singing voice tracking demos for B. 
"You can hear my influence on songs like 'Bow Down' or 'Flawless,' tracks that have a heavy Southern influence," she explained to Fader.
Back to Lemonade and 'Love Drought'. The rapper-songwriter explained the lyrics to song further stating that it is really all about her relationship with music in the sense that music can move mountains,  move people emotionally and calm wars down as the song says, to reference times back in the day when icons like James Brown were called in to calm down riots through music. 

Ingrid reconciled with the whole situation saying; 
“I had to internalize that and the only way that I could really get over it was kind of like, 'Hehe, she's gonna sing the song I wrote about her label one day.”
“Sandcastles” is another highly emotive song on the album. But that too has been revealed by a co-writer not be about Bey's husband or even a man. The song was written by Vincent Berry II who wrote the song about the end of a 10 year relationship he had with his ex-girlfriend. 

It's reported that Vincent was actually homeless at the time when he was shopping the song around and so the fact that Bey chose his song for the album completely changed his life. Beyonce did change the ending to make for a more hopeful tone and relevance to her own personal experiences writing - “And your heart is broken cause I walked away / Show me your scars and I won't walk away. And I know I promised that I couldn't stay, [But] every promise don't work out that way.” Thats why she gets the co-writting credit on the album credit list. 

It is always been rumours that the relationship drama around the Carters are just a PR stunt to aide Beyoncè's artistic edge. Could it be that the couple sits around their swanky mansions and laughs at the Beyhive and media going all frenzy about what coded message the diva has added to her songs.

I have always said that Beyoncè is a PR genius. Regardless of whether her music draws from reality of borrowed material. At the end of the day, she knows how to get people talking and worked up over nothing.

Imagine if it turned out that 'Becky with a good hair' means absolutely nothing to the couple but was just a cool lyric written by someone else... how stupid would most people feel for being immersed in the fake drama!

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