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Hollywood [as she famously reminded Kenya Moore] actress, Vivica A. Fox is about to turn up the heat on Lifetime with some male strippers ... ehe... excuse me, 'exotic male dancers'. In an effort to tap into the new Hollywood fad of "docu-series', which is basically reality tv with a fancy new name, Fox will be debuting a new show titled “Black Magic”. 

The docu-series, that she’s executive producing, follows the lives of predominantly African-American male exotic dancers.

Fox is no stranger to the subject matter, as she starred in the 2015 film Chocolate City, which went behind the scenes of a fictional male strip club. She told ET the idea for the docuseries came to her after seeing Magic Mike in 2012.
"I remember back in the day going to see Magic Mike when it first came out," she said
"There was just no diversity that was represented. I've got everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch, because we know the brothers got some moves."
50Cent's former squeeze, has witnessed those moves firsthand, as she is involved in rehearsals, choreography and wardrobe, but she refuses to call the men "strippers."
"I call my guys male exotic dancers, just for respect," she explained to Entertainment Tonight. 
"With these guys, it's an art. The moves that they got are just unbelievable."
No date yet on when the show will air on Lifetime but Wendy Williams watchers need not despair as you may see the boys on Wendy soon. Fox promised Wendy, in a recent episode, that she would bring the boys to dance for her and her audience soon. 

I think I can safely say we have forgiven Vivica and a her bitchy ill-mannered ways here in Mzansi. That incident in Jozi may have put us off Vivica for a moment, but I think the show may just be fun to watch. 

Watch a snippet below;

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