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Hot off the media frenzy of the BET Awards, where South African stars and Bonang Matheba in particular, made the press lists, B has nabbed another nod from one of America's most iconic magazines. 

Essence magazine has named Bonang Matheba as one of the World's Most Stylish International Icons. Bonang featured in a fashion, beauty and lifestyle spread of the mag on which she shares what her fashion inspirations are and some beauty tips. 

Make no mistakes about this, this is not a stroke of luck or some divine intervention — this is the results of strategic planning and proper brand management. Recently Bonang made news when it announced that she had flown in an American stylist to style her for the Metro FM Music Awards. Some saw that as a snub to local talent, while some thought it wasteful. But I saw it as an investment. 

See, by using international stylists not only gets Bonang's name on the international fashion circles but it also gets her on the radar of international fashion designers. Stylists source clothes from designers all over the world. For the Metro Awards, Law Roach got one of the pieces Bonang wore from a Lebanese designer, Yousef Al Jasmi. So, somewhere in Lebanon a designer now knows who Bonang Matheba is. 

Dress by Lebanese designer, Yousef Al Jasmi

Stylists do fashion interviews, they compile lists for fashion blogs and magazines. Stylists recommend stars for endorsements and collaborations. Having stylists dress you and know your name means having all that PR support coming your way. It isn't cheap but paying these stylists has its reward way beyond just getting a dress. It is an investment. 

The ripple effect of all this is that, people who never thought of South Africa or even Africa  as a place worthy of producing stylish personalities are now looking this way — and who knows what else will be in the peripheral view while they checking out Bonang here. The attention on people like Bonang in has inadvertently given all of SA entertainment industry the spotlight. 

So... you have to invest in your career as you would in any business you own. Gotta spend money to build those relationships, in the end you wont even spend a cent as people will send you stuff or offer to work with you for free. Unfortunately many local celebs want freebies before they had even built any brand equity or shown stylists, designers, etc that they are also willing to buy or pay for things. 

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