Nigerian superstar Davido has reportedly signed a recording deal with RCA Records, which is an American flagship recording label (alongside Columbia Records and Epic Records) of Sony Music Entertainment (SME).

South African artists [ side-eye Nasty C ] can only fabricated international recording deals for now but our Naija brothers are actually inking such deals. There is a lesson there. 

Earlier this year, Davido signed a much publicized deal with Sony Music Entertainment, with the goal to release his sophomore album. His deal with RCA Records now makes him a stable mate of internationally acclaimed artists like ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Zayn Malik, Usher, T-Pain, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Pink and many others. 

The news hit the net when photos of Davido at RCA Headqaurters were posted by with Sony Music executive, Efe Ogbeni on Instagram.  Efe Ogbeni, who is extensively involved with operations at RCA wrote in the caption: 
"Welcome to #RCA @rcarecords @davidoofficial " chairman #peteredge we start the GRIND #afrofusion is here,” and “am all into TEAM WORK @tunji (#brysontiller ) chairman RCA #peteredge Global superstar @davidoofficial his manager.. Brains @kamalajiboye”

Back to those lessons; To be fair, it helps Nigerian artists to have one of their own in the boardrooms of American media companies. Nigerian Americans makeup a significant part of African immigration to the United States making them the single largest contemporary African immigrant group in the United States. 

There is also a statistical footprint advantage Nigerians have over other Africans both locally and internationally. Nigeria's official current population is 168.8 million. It is estimated that there are over 10 million NigerianS or people of Nigerian origin living outside the country. 

The largest communities of ethnic Nigerians living outside the country are those of the United Kingdom  and the United States. There are also significant numbers of Nigerians in Canada, Australia and South Africa. These numbers in developed countries in the West mean buying power and companies recognise that. 

Furthermore there is the issue of being Nigerian wherever you are in the world. Nigerians all over the world still listen, support and buy Nigerian products. A South African moves to the UK for a week and they already pick up the accent and discard everything about them that is South African. Having Nigerians in the UK and the US strongly connected and supporting music coming from their country means there is an international market for Naija music. This also happens with Nollywood hence it is the third largest film industry in the world. 

Having Nigerians in the US or UK in high positions in the entertainment industry allows Naija music and artists to have a foot in the door. Obviously having Efe Ogbeni at SONY and RCA Records had a lot to do with the deals beings extended to Nigerian artists. The label also signed another Nigerian, Ayo Jay this year.

Congrats to Davido. 

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