Gigi Lamayne and Moneoa Appear In the Spice Girls "Wannabe" Charity Remake Video

South Africa music star gigi Lamayne and Moneo are featured in a music video remake of 90s popular Brit girl group Spice Girls' song "Wanna Be". Several music stars have come together for a good cause.

Twenty years after the Spice Girls’ sparked global girl power with Wannabe, the chart-topper has been remade to highlight gender inequality issues faced by women across the world.

Put together by Project Everyone, the film reflects the voices of girls and women all over the world telling world leaders what Goals they ‘really really want’ to be achieved to help improve their lives. These include issues like quality education, an end to violence, an end to child marriage and equal pay for equal work.

Gigi and Moneoa join Seyi Shay from Nigeria, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez from Sri Lanka, M.O from the UK, Taylor Hatala from Canada and Larsen Thompson from the USA in the video for Global Goals campaign for girls and women to fight for Goals which are famous, financed and focused on girls and women.

“I think this film is a wonderful idea,” said former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham about the video.
“How fabulous it is that after 20 years the legacy of the Spice Girls’ girl power is being used to encourage and empower a whole new generation?”
For the campaign people will share a picture of #WhatIReallyReallyWant for girls and women and the visual response from around the world will then be presented to world leaders at the UN General Assembly in September.

The video was directed by MJ Delaney and produced by Moxie Pictures.

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