Gugu Zuma on Uzalo - 'I cant help who my parents are'

Following the Sunday Times article about Uzalo getting R167 milliom from the SABC, one of the first daughters, Gugu Zuma-Ncube — who is also the co-producer of the show, took to twitter to refute the claims made by the paper and set the record straight. 

President Zuma's daughter, who produced few tv shows before getting Uzalo on air, has lashed out at Sunday Times and by extension the critics for not judging her work on its merits but continuously tying her to her parents. 

Read Gugu's posts below

My thoughts...

While it must suck for Gugu to have to deal with her family name being dragged into everything she does, I also feel she is being a little naive or disingenuous by expecting that her ties to the political echelon of this country can be separated from her work.

I like Gugu and I have interviewed her before [even asked her about the Zuma thing] so I know she is not a bad person. However, she can not seriously believe that her projects do not benefit from the fact that she is GUGU ZUMA.

Her argument about Uzalo having proven itself to be the best is very valid. Her stance that her team at Uzalo are leading the charge on decentralizing the entertainment industry also is very true and should be lauded.

There is plenty that Gugu and everyone working on Uzalo have to defend the integrity of the show as an entertaining medium as well as a viable business platform. Say what you will but you can not take that away from them. Facts are facts.

I do hope (and I know it must be frustrating for her when she feels her show has proven itself and validated her position) that she also realises that she just has to accept that it is not really an awful thing to have a Zuma name and that has had it perks. 

Oh dear Gugu,

Defend the show. It has earned its keep. Do not try and divorce yourself from the very thing that opens doors for you... whether you want to admit or not. You are the president's daughter so you do get preferential treatment whether you ask or warrant it — or not. The poor-little-rich-girl-but-she-did-not-choose-to-be-rich pity party will be a blemish on your character. Accept your privileged circumstances and let the work speak for itself. We see it. 

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