SPOTLIGHT: Nokuthula Ledwaba

I am not gonna dwell into the politics of the industry or bitch about how Nokuthula is effectively being ignored by our very own industry — others have pointed that out more eloquently that I could ever do. Anyway I did that as far back as 2010, read HERE. So, this is just an appreciation post. 

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the talent that is Nokuthula Ledwaba. Let us appreciate her unconventional beauty — unconventional in that we celebrate light skin and weaved up euro-centric beauty everyday. 
Let's appreciate Nokuthula Ledwaba for reminding us that we are enough, our own aesthetics are enough, our own identity is enough. 

Let's appreciate Nokuthula Ledwaba for she is the epitome of what African talent is capable of, if given a chance. 

We appreciate Nokuthula Ledwaba because she reminds us that; if we choose it, we can set our own standards of star quality that is not a mimicry of Western ideals. 

No politics. No drama. Just appreciating someone who, with our support, could be something great and inspirational. 

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