The Number One TV Shows Across The Channels For May 2016

The ratings for the highest rated primetime shows in South Africa for the Month of May 2016 are out. Not much has changed in terms of the Top Lists across the channels so I am just going to show you the number one shows on each channel. 

  • SABC1 

The highest rated show on SABC 1 also happens to be the number one show in all of television viewing in South Africa. That title goes to the ultimate comeback kid; Generations The Legacy. The show pulled 8 002 137 — a slight decline from April's 8 091 914 pull but still enough to kick keep Uzalo at bay. 

  • SABC2

Muvhango suffered a huge ratings drop from April's viewership pull of 6 602 787 but has still remained the number one show on the channel with an impressive 17 AR and 56.8% share. The show's highest episode for the May pulled 5 71 5249 viewers. 

  • SABC3

The Bold and The Beautiful has retained its number one spot on the channel with 1 478 057 viewers for its highest rated episode. A decline from April but enough to keep Isidingo at the number 2 spot with its 1 142 410 viewership pull.  The Bold had a 15.6 share. 


Slight variation for the channel's top show, Scandal. For May the soap lost a 0.2% share but retains its strong ratings pull for the channel with 4 877 167 viewers tuning in to watch Wednesday, May 18th episode and helping the show keep its 14.5 AR.  

  • Mzani Magic

Our Perfect Wedding continues to be Mzansi Magic's golden child. The show has remained at the top with 1 298 876 viewers tuning in on May 8th and giving the channel a 12.95 share and 3.8 AR. Igazi remains at number 2 with 1 219 339, a drop from April's 1 242 549 viewers. 

  • SABC Encore

Tlharantlhope is still the highest rated show on SABC Encore, pulling 62 816 for the channel in May which is an increase form April's 53182 pull. 

  • Vuzu

The X Factor episode which aired on Sunday 8th May pulled 74 796 viewers for the channel and became the highest rated episode for any show on the channel for the month. 

  • TLC

The documentary series, Body Bizarre, pulled 128870 for the channel on Saturday 7th May, which is a 0.4 AR and gave the channel a 2% share. 

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