Vuzu's V-Entertainment Still In Ratings Slump

Vuzu's flagship entertainment program V-Entertainment is undoubtedly one of the most recognised youth brand in South Africa. With that one would expect the show to attract a lot of eyeballs for the channel but unfortunately that is just not the case — right now.

It is no surprise that V-Entertainment has gone through a bit of slump. For any show to introduce changes, it risks alienating its core audience but sometimes the changes are necessary to bring in a fresh flow for the show.

Sometimes things work out and the changes bring in new viewers and invigorate the old. Unfortunately for V-Entertainment, the changes have done the total opposite. The show is hemorrhaging viewers. It has gone from the most watched show on the channel, on a good month, to wallowing at the abyss of being out performed by EPKs. 

Yes, more people watch EPKs than some episodes of V-Entertainment. That can't be good. FYI: An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. Simply, it is one of those packaged clips where actors talk about their movie or an artist talks about the new album and gives behind-the-scenes insight. 

In March the show's highest rated episode attracted 72 321 viewers. That number dropped in April to 49 930. For May the show gains some bit of boost and pulled 67 189 viewers for it highest rated episode of the month. 

The show introduced new presenters who made their debut in April. On the Monday they debuted, #BringBackDenise trended on Twitter. I do not like giving anything that happens on Twitter much credence in terms of influence but in this case, the numbers seem to correlate with the social media mood. 

Also, it is important to point out that the show has lost someone I deem a genius when it comes to entertainment coverage and variety entertainment producing; Legend. That guy was the gem that made Vuzu glow. He got the game and understood the balance between pushing Americanised content and still retaining that uniquely South African flavour. He too left the show. The cracks are showing. 

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