ETV Cancelling 'Ashes To Ashes' Is A Mistake

I can appreciate any effort by local channels to keep bring us fresh content and not having shows linger too long that they leave on a sour note, but etv may have made a big mistake by cancelling one of its best shows to date. has announced on Monday that the popular drama, Ashes to Ashes, has not been renewed for a third season.

The telenovela Ashes to Ashes will come to an end next month. The channel confirmed the news in a statement.

“After two successful seasons of high drama,’s telenovela Ashes to Ashes comes to an end with a nail-biting finale on Friday 2 September at 8pm.” 
“We are pleased with the success of Ashes to Ashes and humbled by the loyal following that the telenovela enjoyed over its two-season run. Part of our strategy is to ensure that we keep the 8pm slot fresh, with gripping, authentic local content that resonates across South Africa. As a result, we will be saying goodbye to Ashes to Ashes and introducing a new telenovela, which will debut on Monday 5 September at 8pm”’s Managing Director, Marlon Davids, said.
According to the channel, the cancellation was not due to a lack of viewers, but rather to make way for new exciting shows.

Fair enough, etv is looking to better its content strategy. That is good for the channel. However, you'd have to work hard to convince me that it makes sense to can a show that has done well for the channel and still keep disastrous shows like The Kingdom on air.

The quality of the show's production and calibre of actors, makes Ashes to Ashes one of the most commendable shows on South African television right now.

Granted, the ratings for the show have declined in July with 2.5million compared to June when they pulled 3.2 million but that is still impressive. 

I understand the move to open up the competitive 8pm slot but why not do what Mzansi Magic does by alternating seasons for telenovelas on their popular slot. Why not let Ashes go on hiatus while running the new telenovela than return it for a new season when the new telenovela ends its season. 

What concerns me is that, the new shows on that slot may suck and effectively kill the spot for the channel. When you alternate shows by season, you can atleast retain a loyal viewership base for the fans of the show and still keep it fresh by introducing new shows whilst the old is on hiatus. 

Unless if the channel is not being honest and there is another reason that motivated that cancellation of Ashes. 

I don't know. Judging by the quality of shows like Ikhakhayi -The Kingdom, new doesn't necessarily mean better. etv was doing so well with high quality productions such as Matatiele, Heist and Ashes. Can the standard not be lowered by sub-par production just in the name of new content?! Asseblief. 

Full disclosure, my interest in Ashes to Ashes waned after Violet was killed off. The chemistry and comedic banter between Violet and Damien was fun to watch. Still, I respected the show and tuned in whenever I could. 

What do you guys think of this revolving door move by etv for their 8pm slot? Is it a good strategy?

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