I Was Wrong About Nate Parker. He Deserves The Scorn About The Rape Charges.

The other day I wrote an article about the cloud that is surrounding actor/producer/director Nate Parker following revelations that he was accused and acquitted of raping a woman back in his college days 17 years ago. To keep this post not too long I will put up the link so you can get the back story. Right now though, new evidence has come to light and I feel I have some apology to do. 

I still strongly stand by my views that fair judgement on rape cases is important. I reiterate that, if proven not to have done the rape, a man still deserves to move on with his life without being branded a rapist. I also repeat that women who lie about being raped exist and that too should not be overlooked especially when it is at the expense of lives being ruined. 

Back to Nate Parker. Two days ago the victim's brother revealed via an interview with Variety that she had committed suicide at a drug rehabilitation facility in 2012. There’s no evidence that the woman’s death was directly linked to the trial. However to claim the rape had nothing to do with it would be remise. 

“She became detached from reality,” the woman’s brother, Johnny, told Variety, asking not to use his last name to honor his sister’s wishes to remain anonymous. “The progression was very quick and she took her life.”

“He may have litigated out of any kind of situation,” Johnny said. “My position is he got off on a technicality.”

In court, she testified that she had attempted to kill herself twice after the reported rape. Her brother said that she suffered from depression after the incident. Her death certificate, obtained by Variety, stated that she suffered from “major depressive disorder with psychotic features, PTSD due to physical and sexual abuse, polysubstance abuse….”

“If I were to look back at her very short life and point to one moment where I think she changed as a person, it was obviously that point,” Johnny told Variety. 

He said that prior to entering college, his sister was an outgoing, popular girl who loved animals and school. He envisioned a career in marketing or media for her. 

“The trial was pretty tough for her,” he said.

No doubt Nate Parker's action had a direct impact in this woman's subsequent life. Period. Now that public court documents show that a third man testified that Nate called 2 other guys to come into his room whilst engaging in sexual acts with this lady, that calls his culpability to the fore. 

By her own admission, the lady told the court that she had engaged in oral sex with Nate the day before the alleged rape. On this day of the rape incident, she was intoxicated and was shocked to find her mouth on another man's penis after she blacked out and came to in Nate's room.  

At the trial the third man, Tarmalane Kangas, testified that they were spying on Nate and this woman having sex and upon seeing them, Nate waved them into the bedroom. Now you have to ask; Nate invited them in to do what?! Even if it was just to watch, that is a violation of this woman's privacy. 

Anyway, Kangas went on to say that he declined the invitation but the other guy he was with, who is Nate's roommate Jean Celestine, went in. This is the same man who was later charged with rape along with Nate Parker and is now a producer on his film "The Birth Of A Nation". More on the details of that read HERE


While in my previous article I was not trying to defend Nate Parker and made it very clear that rapist should be held accountable and prosecuted, I made the mistake of thinking Parker was being unfairly judged on something he was acquitted for. This was based on the available evidence at the time. 

Since then new details have emerged and it is evident that Parker was wrong. He may have had consensual sex with this lady but his action contributed to her rape. There is no debate on whether Jean Celestine raped her or not. She was drunk and there never any consent to have sex with anyone if they are drunk. 

Nate essentially pimped out this lady by inviting his friends in whether he wanted them to have sex with the woman or not. If he didn't want them to touch her and maybe just wanted them to watch (which would still have been wrong)... when Celestine engaged in a sex act with this lady, Nate Parker should have stopped him. 

Furthermore, Nate was recorded in a conversation that with the lady after the incident. In that recorded conversation he says; "I am not try, trying to be mean, but, I felt like you put yourself in that situation. You know what I mean? I really feel that I did nothing wrong." 

Now that is BS. Did nothing wrong? Nate called those guys in. How the hell did the lady put herself in that situation if she was intoxicated and had been in that room with Nate because she trusted him? 

It is clear that Nate Parker's character is rightly questionable based on these facts of the case. One may argue the time period, as I blindly did in my previous post, but he was 19 (an adult) and should be accountable for his action regardless of his acquittal. 

Many have argued that Nate Parker is being blackballed by Hollywood and that white folks are trying to ruin his moment of glory because of his critically acclaimed film and his new found platform. Some question why the story is only coming out now that he is touted to be an Oscar winner with this historically poignant film about black slavery. 

To that I also call BS. Woody Allen and Roman Polanski were berated by the press for their rape charges. Yes they are still making movies but that is not to say nobody is calling them out on their past even though they were never jailed. Hell to this day many people ... yes even white people, mock them both and call for their being held accountable. 

Everybody is on Nate's case now because he is in the spotlight. It has nothing to do with race. The attention is on him and his movie right now so it is expected that his life and past would also be scrutinised. 

Does this take away from the brilliant of Nate Parker's art and film? NO. The film stands on his own merit as a masterpiece and Nate's artistic ability also remain commendable but his character; not so much. 

What he did was inexcusable. A life was destroyed and he needs to recognise that, as I believe he has based on his statements. He also needs to accept the consequences even a decade later. We as the black community worldwide should stop pulling our race card on this because the argument for that is weak. 

This should also serve as a lesson to our young brothers and sisters. Be careful about what you do in your youth. Be careful about what you allow alcohol to influence in your actions. For it may not happen now in your fun youth but some actions may ruin you later in life when you have outgrown the foolishness and are trying to build a legacy for yourself.

Jitas, a woman has to consent to sex all the time. It doesn't matter if you had sex with her a day, hour or minutes before. Each time she has to be ok with it even if you are in a relationship or are married to her. When she is intoxicated or inebriated in any way — THERE IS NO CONSENT. Period. Having sex with a drunk, high or incapacitated woman, you do so at your own risk because that is essentially rape. 

This is a sad story. I have learned so much from following it and I hope it conjures the same sentiments for a lot of you reading this now. 

How will this affect Nate Parker's film "The Birth Of A Nation" at the box office? Should he be nominated for an Oscar and win, what will he say? Will he even attend the Oscars? 

FTR: Roman Polaski's film The Pianist was nominated and won numerous Oscars. 

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