NEW SHOW: Ranaka Family Working On Family Reality Show

Word is that celebrities, radio & television personality Dineo Ranaka and actress Manaka Rakana's family is currently shooting a reality show that focus on the whole Ranaka family à la Keeping up With the Kardashians... Mzansi style.

According to my sources, the show is currently in production and is slated to air on Mzansi Magic. No confirmation from the channel, to be honest I did not even sent an email to the channel because their PR team [for some reason I am unaware of] never reply to my emails so I stopped bothering. 

Dineo Ranaka's parents, brother and sisters have appeared on her Vuzu reality show, Dineo's Diary. Dineo's show enjoyed a great run for the channel and is notable for being the first celebrity reality show in Mzansi to receive positive reviews in its first two seasons. 

However, since the emergence of other reality shows on the fray, Dineo's Diary has experienced a bit of slump as shows like Living The Dream With Somizi have become social and general media fodder of late. 

Personally, having seen 3 seasons of Dineo Ranaka and the family's involved in that, I can say the show has a potential to be must watch television. Dineo's mom is a formidable woman who doesn't hold back on camera whilst still retaining her dignity as a mother. 

The Ranaka siblings, for their stint on Dineo's show, have also given some great tv moments. Who can forget the fight between Dineo and the other sister or the wayward brother who is always in trouble with something. Actress Manaka is also a feisty character and has provided great tv moment for lil' sis's show so there is potential for the family show to be entertaining. 

The details surrounding the Ranaka family show are hush hush at the moment so I can only speculate that the show will likely air early next year. 

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