JOBS: Uzalo Looking For SIX Production Trainees

Stained Glass Productions which produces the daily telenovela, Uzalo, for SABC 1 is looking to train six young filmmakers during its next season of filming in KwaMashu, Durban. Ethekwini Municipality’s Durban Film Office responsible for development of the local film and television industry, in partnership with Stained Glass Productions, will run a second season of the trainee programme for the youth of Ethekwini Municipality in a number of areas of film-making.

Areas of training include:

Sound – training a “boom swinger” in the basics of sound mixing. (Suitable for someone who is interested in sound design and has an ear for music.)

Camera - training as a camera assistant with exposure to camera operating, lighting and focus pulling, with a view to equipping the trainee to be a competent camera assistant. (Suitable for someone who has the ability to pay attention to detail, a basic understanding of camera equipment and previous experience/ interest in photography). 

Make-up and hair – training as a make-up and hair standby assistant to be able to do onset checks and touch ups required by actors and performers. This trainee will also be exposed to the basics of television make-up application, hair styling and basic special effects.

Art department - training as art department standby assistant. This trainee will be exposed to set dressing, prop management and production design. They will become competent in seeing to all the onset art department needs; making sure artists have appropriate props handy and that the set is dressed to the directors satisfaction. (Applicants must have an Interest in art, painting, carpentry, fine arts, graffiti and graphic design).

Continuity/Script Supervision - training as Script supervisor. This trainee is responsible for marking up scripts with continuity notes. His/her duties also include maintaining a detailed log of daily scene shots slated for production with accompanying production notes and continuity suggestions.

Wardrobe - training as a wardrobe standby assistant who will be competent in all the onset checks and adjustments needed for artists and their wardrobe needs. (Applicants must have an eye for design and training in dress making, costume design/ construction, interest in fashion and styling would be an advantage).

Preference will be given to trainees who have some basic knowledge of film-making, or who have demonstrated an interest in choosing film as a career. Whilst all of the training is on the job and hands on, the production house will be testing the trainees’ development in their respective basic functions every two months and these will be used to further tailor the learning and training.

“This training is in line with our vision to grow the Durban film industry,” says Toni Monty Head of the DFO 

“An important part of the development of the film industry hub in the City, is to ensure that people are trained to support the production houses that are looking at using Durban as a base for production. This is the second year that we are running this training programme, we are very pleased with the outcomes of the first cycle of training, and we look forward to welcoming more skilled film technicians into the fold. “

How to apply:

A CV and a covering motivation letter must be hand-delivered at:
Mr Fezile Peko, DFO Project Manager
11th Floor Rennies House, 41s Margaret Mncadi Avenue. Durban
For any enquiries you can visit our website on contact Mr. Fezile Peko/ Ms. Nosipho Hlophe on 031-311 4243

Emailed applications will not be accepted, and no applications will be accepted after the closing date.

The deadline for applications is 12 October 2016 at 12pm.

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