My Response To Email About Selimathunzi Host Tshenolo Seabi

During my #TVRatings live tweet, I congratulated Selimathunzi and its presenters for being the number one variety-magazine tv show in South Africa. I also singled out the hosts of the show as the second highest rated presenters on Mzansi television right now as per August ratings. 

I have since received an email from a fan of one of the presenters on Selimathunzi seemingly calling me out for not mentioning Tshenolo Seabi when I tweeted about the presenters. Tshenolo is one of the new presenters that joined the show following Zizo Beda-Tshwete's departure. 

The email reads; 

My response:

Firstly, thank you Penny for taking the time to read my tweets and engaging with me. Let me be clear; I profusely apologise if my not mentioning Tshenolo offended you in any way. Believe me when I state that there was no malice behind the post.

I just simply couldnt remember her in that moment. Furthermore, with only 140 characters on Twitter, I simply went with what I had in my mind at the time.

Again, I apologise to you and Tshenolo. You are absolutely correct. She is a part of the show and contributes to its success. It was wrong of me not to give her credit.

Well, good thing is that now I will never forget that name.

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