Add Hope supports hopes and dreams at Epworth Children’s Village

KFC’s Add Hope – now in its seventh year – has found a powerful way to unite staff and customers in the fight against hunger.  Add Hope partners with over 110 beneficiary organisations to feed over 110 000 children every day across the country, helping them learn, grow and thrive. With World Hunger Month having kicked off in October, Add Hope continues to shine a spotlight on hunger issues in South Africa and the beneficiaries it supports.

Now in the third week of their World Hunger Month roadshow, Add Hope visited one of the beneficiaries it supports - Epworth Children’s Village in Germiston, with local media and KFC team members from nearby stores.

The day’s events began with a welcome from Director, Roberta Ingrato who has been working at the home for the past 16 years. She talked about her journey with Epworth Children’s Village and the history of the home since it first opened its doors in 1918 in the nation’s capital, Pretoria as a boy’s home. It has grown significantly now housing a total of 56 children between the ages of 3 and 20 years.

Epworth has been an Add Hope beneficiary for as long as the CSI initiative has been around. Through Add Hope’s support, Epworth is able to feed children four nutritious meals a day including school lunch, which enables them to be more energised and motivated, supporting their ability to learn. 

Epworth’s motto by their staff is that ‘they want to make every kid smile’. This inspired the KFC team members at the visit to vow to always ask their customers to Add Hope through a R2 donation.

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