Facebook Still Reigns As No.1 Social Media Platform In SA With 14Mil — Twitter on 7.7Mil

According to the 2017 edition of the SA Social Media Landscape, released in September by World Wide Worx and Ornico, the next year will see the use of as many as four social media platforms becoming pervasive marketing tools in South Africa. 

Ornico became a partner in the Social Media Landscape study after its 2015 acquisition of Fuseware, which has been conducting the research with World Wide Worx since 2011.

World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck, says social media is not waning: 
“The fact that Instagram continued to grow at a high rate – by 32% up to 3.5-million users – and that YouTube has seen a massive increase in engagement with brands, confirms that the social media is hardly stagnating. Rather, it is maturing into a more stable and measurable environment that can be leveraged more effectively by brands.”
Facebook is now used by 14-million South Africans, while YouTube has moved firmly into second place with 8.74-million users, well outpacing Twitter’s slower rise to 7.7-million. LinkedIn maintains its energetic rise, now standing at 5.5-million.

One of the most significant trends uncovered is that Facebook, with 14-million users, now has 10-million, or 85% of its users, using mobile devices. This is significantly up from or 77 percent the year before. 

While a significant number of these users are also accessing Facebook on computers and tablets, it is clear that the mobile phone has become the primary form of accessing social media. 

I will do a follow up reaction article to this study adding its impact on our celebrity landscape and endorsement.

In the mean we can chat on my social media platforms, I am @PhilMphela on Twitter and Instagram. Phil Mphela on all my Facebook accounts. 

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