Stoan Seate Starring In A New Film And Releasing New Music

Musician and television personality Stoan Seate is set to star in a new South African film called Farewell Bella Ella. 

Farewell Bella Ellla, written and directed by 27 year old Lwazi Mvusi, tells a story of a young woman living in a small town and nursing her ailing alcoholic father. She is emotionally stuck, blaming the past for her failings. But when her father dies, she and her godfather embark on a roadtrip to bury not only her father but her past. 

Seate, who is also a sponsorship manager for a film, plays Thabiso.

"I am involved with the movie primarily as a sponsorship manager along with my business partner Keabetswe Mokoena. We have realized that our proven ability to secure large sponsorship deals for our own projects can be extended to a service that we can offer to other entities and sectors in the media entertainment business." said Seate
The producers offered me a tiny cameo part playing a character named Thabiso, who stops to offer help to our main characters Ella and Neo (Sello Maake KaNcube). Thabiso is an upwardly mobile, slightly overconfident guy who adds a bit of comic relief and serves as a punctuation to the storyline. Lwazi, the writer/director, along with her team have assembled an experienced and accomplished production crew and cast. This in my opinion goes some way to guaranteeing a high quality production for audiences once the movie hits cinemas next year. 
New MUSIC ...

Stoan was also eager to share some good news with his fans regarding the music side of his career.
"This year has also seen me getting back deeper into music via my fledgling DJ career. As " UncleDjStoanito", I will be dropping a single on 5 November. I am marking this occasion with an event at ChafPozi in Soweto, featuring some of my close music industry friends and Nephews. Pula!"

Farewell Bella Ella is slated for release early next year (2017).

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