Celebrities Are Hypocrites — Zahara Vs True Love

I had to come out of my holiday break to address this Zahara versus True Love thing because I just found the faux outrage to be such a load of hypocritical nonsense. So Zahara posed for True Love and they gave her a headline she doesn't like, now everybody has to be up in arms... BOO WHOOO. 

Let me prefix this by unequivocally stating that Zahara is entitled to her own feelings and can be mad as she want at True Love. That's her prerogative. But let's be real for a moment, shall we. 

I think the faux outrage on social media and the sudden co-signing of other celebs on this bandwagon is laughable. FACT: Zahara posed for True Love knowing full well what the magazine's history is. 

Is it ok for the mag to mislead the public? hell no but you lie with dogs, you cant be surprised when you wake up with fleas. Any celebrity that does a cover for True Love after what they did to other celebrities over and over again should not act all surprised when the same is done to them. 

Unfortunately, our local artists are controlled by the self serving attitude of only caring about what affects them individually. If it doesn't affect them personally, they don't give a damn how others in this business are treated. 

It's for the above mentioned reason that to this day the entertainment industry is the only formal industry in this country that is not unionised or legislated in any progressive form. Talent in this business is still treated like disposable trash and it is the artists themselves who are to blame. They can't stand together and say we wont take this because everyone is only concerned about their own bank account not the long term implications. 

If local stars used their collective power and said; we will not continue to support a magazine that perpetually demeans our colleagues by misrepresenting them on their covers, then True Love would have never dared to run a headline suggesting that Zahara is associated with drugs. 

Sadly, Miss Zahara, like many in this industry, couldn't care less about what happened to those before her as long as she got what was she wanted. When that did not pan out right, we are now supposed to feel sorry for her. Puhleeeeez!

We should not be asking why True Love did that to Zahara. We should be asking why Zahara posed for True Loe to begin with. If the new Generations cast started moaning about ill-treament and low pay from Morula Pictures, are we expected to feel sorry for them after they signed up to do show when their predecessors were fired for demanding a fair share of the profits from the show?

If celebrities / artists in this country want to continue with this individualistic mentality of only worrying about their own interest at the expense of lack of transformation, then they should just suck it up when they get stung.

Sad for Zahara but this is her comeuppance. She chose to align herself with True Love in spite of its history of betraying its cover stars. Uzoba strong!

True Love will not pull their magazines off the stands with that cover. It aint happening so will Miss Z do good on her threat and sue? I doubt. Why? because it is all posturing. She knows she got played and like anybody who takes foolish risks and get played she must just suck it up.

Reality is that; had the cover come out the way Zahara wanted, she would be praising True Love for doing a great job — conveniently getting an amnesia about the magazine's very recent crimes. 

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