Ellen DeGeneres Cancels Homophobic Pastor's Appearance On Her Show

American talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres confirmed Tuesday that Kim Burrell, the gospel singer and pastor who recently came under fire for her homophobic sermon, will not appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday.

Burrell was slated to perform “I See a Victory,” the track she contributed to the Hidden Figures soundtrack with Pharrell Williams.

But the talk show host, who is a well-known advocate of gay rights, tweeted: "For those asking, Kim Burrell will not be appearing on my show."

The singer faced a backlash after a YouTube video posted on Dec. 30 showed Burrell delivering a sermon at the Love and Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, where is a senior pastor. In the clip, Burrell condemns homosexuality as “perverted” and an “embarrassment.”

Following the video’s viral spread, many fans urged DeGeneres to rescind Burrell’s invitation with a flood of tweets and a Change.org petition that has garnered nearly 5,500 supporters.

Pharrell Williams and Hidden Figures stars Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe were set to appear on the program with Burrell. On Saturday, the trio denounced Burrell’s comments and spread messages of inclusion via social media. 

In a now-deleted Facebook Live video, she defended herself and claimed she had to “do what God tells me to do. I make no excuses or apologies.”

Watch Kim Burrell's video below:

Personally I think it's so sad to see a  seemingly decent human so indoctrinated to say such nasty things. Then, have to come out and try to rationalize such hatred. 

Here's my thing, the bible talks about many sins and from what I've witnessed, very seldom do these bible thumbers speak on those other sins. My issue with Christians is that their delivery of their message is flawed. I find nothing wrong with speaking on such topics but do so with the intent of real love. 

We often hear these pastors and followers of the religion speak on the matter with so much hate in their words that I wonder do they understand the love of God. Many people within church are doing all kinds things that people don't speak about or do so with a cloak of excusing such behaviour like putting personal financial gain above spreading the word. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are being killed needlessly in Syria. There are wars around the world. The gap within the rich and the poor is getting wider each each year while pastors live lavishly and flaunt their wealth. There are famines, diseases and many awful things happening every second around the world yet these pastors are so fixated on condemning a love between two people. That is what's sick! 

Interestingly, they talk about things as if they're living sin free. No sin is greater than and sadly many Christians don't seem to understand that or want to acknowledge it. 

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