Thoughts on Kelly Khumalo Joining Idols SA

The murmur around town is that singer Kelly Khumalo is slated to join the judging panel of Idols SA this year. Sowetan ran with the story but could not get a definite confirmation of Khumalo getting the gig but admitted to having talks with the show. 

With the departure of Gareth Cliff it was expected that Idols SA, in its 11th season, will bring in another judge. 

Follwing the cancellation of the parent show in America, some have questioned why our local version is still continuing. Personally, yeah I have my gripes with the show and how it does not do much to help its winners to build careers but I understand why the show still has a long life ahead on Mzansi Magic. 

Many forget that the South African version of Idols has gone through a metamophisis of some sort. The IdolsSA we are watching now is a far cry from what it was 10 years ago. The show on Mzansi Magic has earned a bit of a revival and roped in a new audience. 

With that, I do not see Mzansi Magic canning the show anytime soon while it still has legs. Furthermore, let us be real... Idols SA is the only music talent search show in SA right now that has a somewhat wide appeal. The Voice SA had its buzz but somehow just didn't live up to the hype. Clash Of The Choirs has lost its lustre and all the rest are just not catching on. 

Mzansi Magic's PR manager Nondumiso Mabece reportedly told Sowetan that IdolsSA would not be replacing former judge Gareth Cliff, but will instead have four guest judges in the four cities.

From what I gather, Khumalo may be one of the guest judges. 

I love Kelly Khumalo. I have had the pleasure of watching her perform and prepare for a performance and I was blown away. The woman is one of very few people in this industry who actually put in the effort to make sure their craft is presented well. 

For me, Khumalo's talent and respect for her craft could be exactly what Idols contestants need. That panel needs someone who knows the music scene and its struggles from an artist's perspective and I ca not think of anyone better than Khumalo to fill that role. 

Yeah Somizi is funny and brings some freshness and zest to the show, Randall is Randal and Unathi... well, she's sweet but I feel Khumalo will add so much more. The woman is serious about her music and I can see her giving some productive and helpful feedback to contestants. It is a music talent show afterall!!

I am also not averse to the rotating of judges idea but knowing how celebrity obsessed our industry is, I would hate to see people like Babes We Dumo being guest judges simply because they are popular right now. 

Khumalo has the talent, the experience and the personality to be a great permanent judge. I would be thrilled to see her on the show. 

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