TV Producer Dumps Vivica A. Fox Show After Homophobic Statement

So, last week 90's star Vivica A.Fox caused a bit of a stir when she went on a morning radio program to promote her new all-male stripper revue reality series Black Magic. I read the story on US blogs but didnt care much for it. 

Truth be told, Vivica has been dead to me since she came to South Africa and disrespected us right in our turf ... in COUNTRY! Since then I really couldn't care less what she says or does but I couldn't help chuckle when I saw this reaction on TMZ.

During last week’s interview, Vivica was asked if gay men were allowed to attend the show, to which she replied, “Aw, hell no. Back all that up. No! NO!”. I personally did not think the reply was a big deal but a lot of people were triggered.

Well,  one person she cleared angered is a producer on that very same show. The director and producer of the very show she was trying to promote has dumped her!

Jean-Claude LaMarre first worked with Vivica when he cast her in his 2015 male stripper comedy Chocolate City, and again in the upcoming sequel Chocolate City: Vegas. After the success of those projects, they decided to create a TV spin-off, which is how Black Magic came into fruition.
Now, Jean-Claude says he’s through with Vivica A.

“The comments were out of order, and it does not represent our attitudes toward the LGBT community,” he tells TMZ. “All are welcomed. Vivica speaks for herself not the business or the show.”

LaMarre will continue as Executive Producer on the reality show, saying he genuinely wants to see Black Magic succeed, but he’s absolutely not interested in working with Vivica anymore.

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