Will & Grace Returns With 10 Episodes

Will & Grace, the hit sitcom about the romantic highs and lows of two New York friends, is reportedly returning for 10 episodes on US network NBC.

Leslie Jordan, who guested on the show as the character Beverley Leslie, said in a radio interview: “It’s back. Here’s the way it works: NBC has ordered 10 episodes. It’ll be for next season, so they’ll [film] in July.” NBC is yet to confirm the show’s return.

After running for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006, the show returned with a 10-minute episode in September 2016, with the titular pair discussing Donald Trump’s presidential nomination. Asked then about a more long-form return for the show, Eric McCormack, who plays Will, said “it’s a never say never type of situation”.

Megan Mullally who played Karen Walker teased in September 2016; “there is a very good chance that” the show was coming back, a decade after it left the air.

Safe to say Will & Grace was one of the most popular sitcoms of our time. South Africans had the first on bite of the show on SABC3 and recently reruns of the show could be seen on Dstv's Sony Entertainment channel.

Unfortunately after ending its run in the US in 2006, SABC 3 disappointed South African fans of the show by not airing the series finale, like it was intended to do so, as a one hour broadcast. Instead local viewers got the finale in two parts.

The return of the show will unlikely be picked up by SABC3 given its current purge of international content. However, channels such as Vuzu and SONY might jump at the chance to add the show on its line-up.

No airing dates or details of the plot have been revealed officially state-side so it is difficult to predict when it will air on either side of the ocean. Positive thing though, is that Dstv channel have been airing American shows closer to their airing date in the state with Fox Africa even airing episodes of shows such as Empire just hours after they aired in the US.

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