Goodbye Mpho Ranko and Pako Lefifi

I reserved my comment when Just Curious' Pako Lefifi passed away. I mourned his passing in my own private way for the sweet person he was but now with Mpho Ranko I feel it's necessary to honour these two souls — for they were in-deed a rare find in this business. 

In an industry that is populated by fake people, fake friendships and just all round pretentiousness, there were two people whom you can bet your last rand on being genuine. Those two people were Pako Lefifi and Mpho Ranko. 

Pako Lefifi was a photographer and contributor for However, this guy was way more than just that for those who knew him. He was the gentle teddy bear who never went out of his way to be horrible to anyone. Unfortunately the entertainment industry and the South African lost this kind soldier in May 2016. 

Tonight, I got home to the news that another sweet soul in our industry is no more. Mpho Ranko, to those who had the pleasure of being in his presence, was a genuinely nice guy. I know we often put people pedestals when they die but Mpho and Pako deserve all the praise and acknowledgement they are getting posthumously because they were genuinely GOOD PEOPLE. 

Ask anyone in the media fraternity who has ever gone on a trip with either one of these two gentlemen and they will tell you stories of how they made them laugh. Meet them at an event and they were the same. 

In an industry that is full of fakeness, Mpho and Pako, stood head and shoulder above all of us for being real and genuinely likeable. They lived their truth, how many of us have the privilege to do the same?

So young, so full of life and definitely gone too soon. This is fo sho the end of an era. Media and celebrity events will never be the same again without these two men. 

There will be many stories of how Mpho Ranko would always be the one we have to wait for when we leave a destination for our media trips. I have a few of my own. Yes, he would make us all wait. We'd be pissed off but he will show up, apologise, crack a joke and ask for a drink — within minutes we'd all forget that he kept us waiting. 

Say what you will about Mpho (or even Pako) but he was one of a kind and I am so happy I got to know him. 

Robala ka kgotso, Mpho. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!

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