The Ranakas and Papa Penny Dethrone Somizi As Highest Rated Reality Shows For DSTV

In July television personality, Somizi Mhlongo, wrapped up the first season of his successful reality show, Living The Dream With Somizi. The success of the show was part of an incredible year for the star in 2016. Unfortunately, in 2017 he has been dethroned as the highest rated reality star on DSTV. 

Ratings for Mzansi Magic's reality shows have gotten a bump up and sadly last year's winners are being shown flames by the newbies on the genre block for the channel. 

When we bid adieu to being voyeurs into Somizi's fabulous life through the lenses of  Living The Dream With Somizi in July, the show was pulling about 390 000 viewers per episode. The finale pulled an impressive 395 916 viewers with a 5.2% audience share and 1.2 AR. 

We are in 2017 and The Ranakas and Papa Penny Ahee have obliterated Somizi's numbers. According to the latest television ratings, The Ranakas pulled 548 872 viewers for their highest rated episode in January which aired on the 26th. With all that drama and fights, they are likely to pull higher in February. 

Not to be outdone Papa Penny has also hit the right chord with Mzansi Magic viewers. Papa Penny Ahee, for its highest rated episode of January, pulled 471 292 viewers on the episode that aired on the 18th. 

Unfotunately, this means Somizi is no longer the highest rated reality star for DSTV. To reclaim his throne, the second season of Living The Dream would have to pull over 500 000 viewers per episode. 

It is important to note that channels generally do well in the first quarter of the year. Most shows pull better numbers around this time of year anyway. That said, The Ranakas have really pulled out all the punches (literally) for our entertainment and it is not surprising that it is paying off in the ratings. 

While it is not impossible for Somizi's show to hit these numbers, it remains to be seen if Mzansi Magic audience will still be receptive to Somizi's glamorous and somewhat contrived reality juxtaposed to the more common reality we see on The Ranakas and Papa Penny Ahee. 

The new reality shows are completely different from Somizi's show. While many people watch Living The Dream as voyeurs into this world far removed from theirs, in The Rakanas and Papa Penny Ahee they see a world they can relate to. 

That is not to say, Somizi will not have an audience. We love shows that offer us an escape from our simple poor lives. Lots of people will tune in to see what Somizi is splurging his wealth on next so Living The Dream fans can rest assured that the show will be safe — atleast for two more season if things don't change too much for the channel.  

What do you guys think? Do you think the concept of reality shows in SA has moved from the glamour to a more relatable lifestyle? Do you agree or disagree that Somizi's show can still attract the same interest as in its first season with the new reality shows on MM being so different?

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