This Might Be The Best Music Video I've Seen In A Long While: BTS "Not Today"

Watchout Beyonce there are new kids on the block! Beyonce is known for putting out some of the most artistically jaw dropping videos in the game, but I think Korean boy band, BTS, may have just dethroned her with their masterpiece videos. 

In these days of advanced filmmaking technology, it is not enough just to put out a music video and expect it to be well received just because the song is good. Music video making is an art in its own right and platforms like YouTube have made it a point to recognise talented offerings in this sphere of the creative industry. 

With that, Mzansi, I introduce you to a Korean boyband that is blowing up on Youtube because their music videos are AMAZING... The visuals, choreography, cinematography and use of camera angles will blow your mind. 

Bit of background, the South Korean group was formed in 2013. Their albums The Most Beautiful Moment In My Life and Wings have cracked the American Billboard 200 charts. The latter debuted at number 26. Forbes named them as the most retweeted artist on Twitter in March 2016. 

My interest in the group was piqued this year by their latest music video that is getting massive positive response on Youtube this week. It  is for the song Not Today, was uploaded 5 days ago and already has 27Million views. But upon further research of the group, I learned that's nothing. Their videos have been getting upwards of 100 million views. 

Anyway, let me just stick to the video that got me impressed by these guys. As with their other music video, the dance choreography is on point but for me it is the camera work and cinematography that blows me away. 

This was clearly the work of a skilled directors. Notice how the band members move in and out of frame at the beginning of the video. The dancing on that glass circle just had me smiling none stop. Wanna talk about formation? check out the triangular formation the camera catches with that aerial shot toward the end of the vid. 

And that slow motion bullets shot... LIT!!!!!!!!!

Watch the video below

This is my other favourite video from their collection. Check out the fashion, dancing and scene setup:

SIDE NOTE: My favourite South African music video is still Lebo Mathosa's "Ntozabantu". For its time, the video was way ahead of game. It was beautiful and well shot. 

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