TV Ratings Battle: Metros VS SAMAs

The latest edition of the Metro FM awards' ceremony was held in Durban on Saturday with the ceremony being aired on SABC 1 for those who could not make it to KZN. Let's look at how the Metros have been doing ratings wise compared to their closest rival, the SAMAs. 

The Metro FM awards, though in their 16th year, have only been broadcast on SABC for the last 5 years. The first broadcast was on the 25th of February 2013 and they started with a bang. 

The closest comparison one can make to the Metros in terms of ratings would be the SAMAs simply based on wide reach. It would be unfair to pit them against the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) as the MAMAs have a lesser audience reach by being on pay-for-tv. With that, the only competition to the Metros would be the SAMAs. 

As mentioned above, the Metros made their tv debut in 2013 with a bang. That broadcast pulled the highest ratings for the awards ever at 4.1 million viewers pulled. By comparison, the same year the SAMAs only pulled 3.4million viewers.

If one were to judge the local shows by ratings only, the Metros would definitely be the biggest awards in South Africa. On subsequent occasion following their television debut, the awards broadcasts have continued to beat that of the South African Music Awards. 

Unfortunately, I could not find the ratings for 2014 's 13th edition of the Metro awards but the SAMAs that year pulled just over 4 million viewers. Following that in 2015 the Metros beat the SAMAs again 3.5 million viewers to the SAMAs' dismal 2.9 million viewers. 

The trend continued in 2016 where the Metros topped the SAMAs again with a 3.8 million audience pull to the latter's 3.3 million. 

Both award shows' broadcasts have regularly received negative feed back from viewers for poor sound quality, technical glitches and so forth. This year's broadcast was no different for the Metros and there was an added accusation of political interference and payola accusations. It remains to be seen if the controversies pulled more eyeballs to the channel or turned people off. 

Personally, I think the ratings will dip a little this year. 2017 just did not have the same excitement around the event. I have a feeling most people would have actually even forgotten that the awards were going to be broadcast on Saturday.

As far as the competition goes; Metros are the number 1, most watched awards on SA television.

SIDENOTE: The Crown Gospel Awards pulled 2.6 million viewers for SABC1 in 2016. 

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