Bonang And David Tlale Drop Ciroc For Courvoisier

David Tlale and Bonang Matheba were announced as the new celebrity partners of the french cognac brand Courvoisier on Tuesday at a swanky shindig in Johannesburg. Which begs the question; What happened to Ciroc? 

Bonang along with David Tlale, DA L.E.S and DJ Dimples were named as Ciroc brand ambassadors in 2015. Naturally, it came as a bit of surprise when Matheba and Tlale were suddenly announced this week as partners with Courvoisier, leading some of us to question; are they done with Ciroc?

Turns out the contract the foursome had with Ciroc ended in, as contracts do, in August of 2016. As one would expect in such situations, the stars have moved on. Matheba and Tlale have now inked a partnership deal with french cognac brand, Courvoisier. 

I had a chat with Tlale at the press event for Courvoisier and hiwle the fashion legend was mum on the details he pretty much confirmed that he was done with Ciroc and wants to focus on his future with Courvoisier. 

In February when asked about rumours that Matheba was fired from the deal with Ciroc,  Marketing Manager for the brand's reserve portfolio Vongani Chinkanda told TMG; 
"Bonang Matheba was contracted with three other influencers as part of a campaign which ended in August 2016. No contracts were terminated,"
As explained in my previous post, the new deal with Courvoisier is unique in that it does not offer both Matheba and Tlale the usual endorsement perks (like a paycheque). Instead the pair, with the addition of businessman Tbo Touch, have a new deal tailored to offer a collaborative partnership with each of the stars' projects.  

Depending on which side of the fence you are on on this courvoisier deal, the terms are interesting. One can argue that this deal is a knock down from the Ciroc  but on the other hand it can also be construed as a vote of confidence. 

Courvoisier, is clearly impressed with the brand equity Bonang, Tbo Touch and David Tlale have built, otherwise they would not want to align their luxury internationally renowned brand with them.  The deal might not offer a paycheque on signage but it has the potential to add some more Madibas in the stars' bank accounts as their collaboration with the brand will lead to paying opportunities.

Speaking to Courvoisier brand manager, Pia Harris, she stated that the collaboration will be a mutually beneficial partnership. She said that Matheba will be called upon to host events held by the brand and they will also be offering resources and support to the trio on whatever ventures they embark on during the tenure of the agreement. 

So, don't be feeling sorry for Matheba and Tlale on this. If the Courvoisier partnership works out, they may just get some lucrative perks by being aligned with this luxury brand. 

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