[Explained] Bonang, Tbo Touch and David Tlale Deal With Courvoisier

On Tuesday, March 14th 2017, Courvoisier brand announced their partnership with Bonang Matheba, Tbo Touch and David Tlale in Johannesburg. 

French international cognac brand held a press conference to announce their partnership with three of South Africa's most influential celebrity brands. Media mogul Tbo Touch, television presenter Bonang Matheba and fashion entrepreneur David Tlale have officially become partners of the luxury brand. 

Amid confusion on what the relationship between Bonang, David Tlale, Tbo Touch and Courvoisier is, these are the facts of what the partnership entails; The stars are not brand ambassadors of the cognac brand. Instead each star has a relationship with the brand based on the demands the brand will have with each star's business ventures as they develop as trailblazers in the luxury spectrum of our entertainment industry. 

Speaking to Courvoisier brand manager, Pia Harris, I was able to ascertain that each star will have a collaborative partnership with the cognac brand on their future brand endeavours for the duration of their partnership. 

In layman's terms, that means; unlike an endorsement deal where a celebrity gets paid a sum of money to endorse a particular brand, each of the three stars has a unique partnership relationship with the Courvoisier brand based on their future endeavours. 

Courvoisier will not be paying the stars to endorse the brand, instead they will be partnering with each of them on their individual project that align with both parties' brand messaging philosophy. 

Bonang will be launching her book and celebrating her 30th birthday this year and Courvoisier will be partnering with her to offer resources that compliment both parties' celebration of living one's success stories. 

To be clear; Bonang's deal with the brand is different from that of David and Tbo Touch based on each  star's plans for the duration of their partnership agreement. 

Contrary to what you may have read in the media from today, these three phenomenal role models are not brand ambassadors for the brand. They are partners on a collaborative journey of luxury and inspiration. 

Tbo Touch will be partnering with Courvoisier this year in his quest to give one lucky South African an opportunity to experience the luxury of the brand and to visit Paris. 

Given that each of these three local celebs is an entrepreneur in their own right, I think this is a perfect deal for them. They are not beholden to the brand to push its brand messaging but can align it to their own individual journey as business people. 

The obvious question is; what how will this affect Bonang and David Tlale's relationship with their heavily publicised deal with Ciroc. Well, according to Pia Harris, they spoke to Bonang and David Tlale and are satisfied that there would be no conflict of interest. 

Congratulations to Bonang, Tbo Touch and David Tlale. Can't wait to see where this relationship leads to. 

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