Mandla Gaduka Reprises His SAFTA Winning Character on a New Show

A first for South Africa. Actor Mandla Gaduka reprises her award winning character from Ashes to Ashes on a new series for etv, Broken Vows.

After paying his dues in the funeral business at Namane Funerals business on Ashes to Ashes season 1 & 2, Damian has decided he had enough of death and puts his events skills to use in a livelier environment. He joins ‘Yours Truly Concepts’ on Broken Vows and becomes the wedding décor specialist. 

Gaduka won fans' hearts playing Damian on Ashes that producers decided to rope him in on their new show. This would be the first time, to the best of my knowledge, that an actor in South Africa gets to play the same character on two different shows. 

Mandla N and Busi Lurayi reprised their roles as Mandla and Phumzile Khumalo from SABC 1 sitcom City Ses'la, in the spin-off of that show called Ses'top La. However, the difference between characters Damian and the Khumalos is that Mandla and Phumzile Khumalo moved to a spinoff show whilst Damian is in a totally new show that has no ties to the previous one his character appeared on. 

For his role as Damian, Gaduka won the 2017 South African Film and Television Awards trophy for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Soap/telenovela. Both Broken Vows and Ashes to Ashes are produced by Clive Morris Productions. 

In the US this sort of casting is nothing new. It has happened on numerous occasions that an actor/actress would play the same character on two separate shows without the other being a spin-off. 

For me, the most memorable is Estelle Getty reprising her famous role from Golden Girls as "Sophia" on a different sitcom called Empty Nest. She had also played the same part in the Golden Girls spin-off,  Golden Palace, but the show was cancelled after one season. 

Broken Vows premieres on etv on April 10th at 8pm.

NB: If you know of any time a South African actor played the same character on a non-spin show let me know

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