Pearl Thusi Says Quantico Contract States She Should Be 'In Shape'

South African superstar Pearl Thusi, who is currently starring in ABC's hit series Quantico, says she kept her body in shape before joining the series because the contract for the show stated that she should.

Speaking to Jessica Sookanan from Rumble, Thusi jokingly referred to her contractual physical appearance expectations when asked; "Quantico is a really physical show. There's a lot of fight scenes, a lot of scenes while you you training. What is it like preparing for those scenes?"

She replied; "I kinda kept in shape as much as I could before coming onto the show. It was in the contract like, you gotta look cute all the time... in not so many words" 

Thusi joined the American television show in 2016 on its second season. The South African actress plays Zimbabwean agent Dayana Mampati. 

On being, in shape, it's not like Thusi has been stuffing herself with amagwinya before heading to the states. The actress, who is not shy to show off her great physique,  has kept herself looking good and healthy through out her career. She was a model before venturing into the world of acting — I've read. 

It is, however, interesting to know this little titbits about the behind-the-scenes expectations of her new Hollywood job. Thusi was the cover star for Women's Health South Africa February issue. 

Save to say, we can expect Thusi to keep that bod looking rad — with all that fighting and running around on  Quantico.

On a serious note, I share this so you guys could know that it takes more than just good looks and talent to make it in this business. There are other commitments, sacrifices and discipline that come with getting certain opportunities in this industry. 

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