I'm taking a #StandForLunch & giving away free KFC Lunch Box vouchers

The KFC Lunch Box #StandForLunch meal campaign is well underway and instead of doing a blog competition or posting banners I have decided to make it more interactive by just giving away vouchers on my twitter page

For the whole week, thats fro yesterday until Saturday I will be giving away some vouchers and all you have to do is just answer the question on the pinned post on my profile, anytime and as many times as you want and YOU could win a lunch voucher ON ME.

The voucher will buy you a KFC lunch box — the meal includes 4x Zinger Wings, Crunch Burger, Small Chips and a Small drink for R49.90 – perfect size for a filling lunch. This is a great value for money meal, which was designed to encourage people to take lunch, no matter how busy the office life gets. 

Please remember: 


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