Touch HD Becomes The Number 1 Entertainment App in SA

This week Tbo Touch finally launched his reportedly multimillion-rand revamped online radio station, Touch Central - now Touch HD. The news was met with a lot fanfare on social media, with the name Touch HD trending for two days this week. 

For those out of the loop, Touch Central is a digital online radio station which was launched on 29 August 2016, as the collaborative brainchild of media personalities TBO Touch together with Gareth Cliff.

This year Tbo Touch revamped the station to Touch HD which is aimed at creating a bigger, better, 'high definition' online listening experience for its audience. For this he also poached a few DJs from his former employer Metro FM and roped in some famous talent in the industry to join the stable. 

The numbers are in and it looks like the efforts and buzz may be paying off. Full disclosure; it is very difficult to get the exact number of downloads on a public platform without the owner company or person disclosing them. Often what you will get is an estimate — for that reason I am not even gonna touch that. 

Instead we will look at the rankings which tend to be more accurate gauge of how users feel about an app without having to rely on company spin. 

By comparison, Touch HD is starting off on good standing. It's predecessor was not really the hit that perception would have you believe. For instance, this year on 24th March, Touch Central was 394th overall app in South Africa, fairing better on the Entertainment list at number 19. For most of 2016 it hovered between those numbers, the lowest it went was 34 on entertainment list. 

For its revamped version, Touch HD, the ranking has vastly improved. Touch HD has shot up to number 1 on the South African entertainment apps list on Apple's IOS platform between April 1st and 04th, becoming the overall number 1 app on Tuesday. 

The ranking on Android's google play is slightly lower. The app is currently ranked 13th in the South African entertainment list, 262 overall and 15 on the top new list. 

It is when you look at all platforms combined list that things get exciting for Touch HD. When you combine all stores, Touch HD is the number 1 overall app today — up from its debut on April 1st when it was at 27. It remains the number one entertainment app for all four days. 

To be fair, this is a new app so it is to be expected that a lot of people will download and interact with it. I know, I download apps, try them for a while and delete some of them after. The true success of Touch HD will definitely be measured in time. It is how the station and the app fairs over a period of time that will determine it's true potential — afterall Tbo Touch is pioneering a new wave here, these are unchartered waters for SA.

BUT that shouldn't stop us from giving Touch HD its due glory for launching at number 1! So congrats!!!

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