R&B Singer Tank Chides Critics Of Lil Uzi Vert & Lil Yachty; "Let The Kids Live!"

Following some seemingly relentless negativity and straight up hate on new rappers Lil’ Uzi Vert and Lil’ Yachty, R&B singer Tank took to his Instagram page to express his disgust toward hip-hop critics who continually put down these young artists. 

Showing his support to the rappers, Tank challenged their critics’ double-standards by pointing out, “Yes they’re different but so was MJ and Prince! Y’all still celebrate those men highly with no thought to their differences.”

Hip-hop commentators Charlamagne the God, Lord Jamar and Joe Budden have been the young rappers’ critics and dismissing their places in hip-hop.

I fully concur with Tank. There is a place and space for everyone in the music industry. The idea that only a selected few get to define what people should listen to or enjoy is ridiculous. We live in a world where these so called critics will tell you Beyonce can't sing and celebrate a Miley Cyrus in the next breath. 

If there is an audience for their music, let the kids make that coin!  

These kids are also breaking down stereotypes and moving with the times. While some Hip-Hop artists are still stuck in the 80s and hung up on rapping about degrading women and the thug life, today's kids are in tune with the time and celebrating inclusiveness.

Take Lil Yachty's latest album cover art, titled Teenage Emotions, it veers from hip-hop's ever persisting problem with homophobia and misogyny and incredibly highlights an inclusive gesture 

With artists like Frank Ocean being open with his sexuality and Young Thug wearing a dress on his album cover, it seems like the younger generation of hip-hop artists aren't afraid to butt heads with gender norms and break down stereotypes. That's where the future is. Let them be. 

I'm utterly disgusted!! I've never seen so many grown black men speak out against young black kids fighting to earn a living in this already difficult world! Yes they're different but so was MJ and Prince! Y'all still celebrate those men highly with no thought to their differences. The crazy part is that these kids actually represent positivity. They give a voice to those who feel like outcasts and may even have a hard time fitting in. These kids make being different ok and give hope to those who may feel like their life has no value. Maybe you'd feel better if these kids ran up on your car high and tooled up with extended clips and told you to "get down, lay down, or be found!" That would make more sense to you huh? You definitely don't want them to live their dreams and have fun entertaining the world! You definitely don't want them to feed their families and get they mama out the hood. You niggas kill me wanting your music to stay in the 80s and the 90s but gotta have the 2018 Benz! Everything changes! Everything evolves! It may not be for you but it is for the millions that stream it and show up to be entertained by it! Let these kids live!!.. #RnBMoney #RnBSoldiers #TheGeneral #savagecomingsoon #musicislife
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