Top 10 Richest Actors in Nigeria and their Net-worth

I have been fascinated by the Nigerian entertainment industry for years now. Watching our South African entertainment industry grow, I have always wondered why with all these resources we have are we not making as much money as our Nigerian counterparts who have to make due with much less. 

It is no secret that when it comes to technology, resources and quality, South African entertainment industry ranks at the top in Africa. We have world class film studios here. We produce some of the best content in the world that are on the same production quality as in Hollywood and Bollywood. BUT somehow Nigeria's Nollywood still make more exponentially more money than us. 

In 2010 it was recorded that there are only 31 cinemas in Nigeria compared to South Africa with 857 screens. An estimated total of R1 135 832 667 (thats BILLION) was generated from ticket sales in 2016, a little less than the 2015 box office intake of R 1 198 262 317.

Our television industry is also raking some billions for the broadcasters. 

Why then is all this not reflected in the earnings of our stars?

Here is the Top 10 list of the richest Actors and Actresses in Nigeria. 

1. Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) - R205 million ($15 million)

Richard is a veteran of the industry in Nigeria. He is an actor and politician. He joined politics and was appointed as commissioner of culture and tourism in Delta State. 

2. Desmond Elliot - R136 million ($10 million)

3. Jim Iyke - R123 million ($9 million)

4. OC Ukeje - R68 million ($5million)

5. Nkem Owoh (Osufia) - R61 million ($4.5 million)

6. Ramsey Nouah - R54 million ($4 million)

7. Chinedu Ikedieze MFR (Aki) - R48 million ($3.5 million)

Chinedu is best known for playing alongside Osita Iheme in most movies after their breakthrough in the movie Aki na UkwaAki . The movie recorded huge success in the market and till date it still stands as one of the most popular comedy movie in Africa. He makes his money by acting and endorsements. He is a known Glo ambassador.

8. Mike Ezuruonye  - R48 million ($3.5 million)

9. Osita Iheme(Pawpaw) - R46 million ($3.3 million)

Easily recognisable to South African audiences from his comedic films. He is popularly known as paw-paw since he acted the film Aki Na paw-paw alongside Chinedu Ikedieze. 

10. John Okafor (Mr Ibu) - R42 million ($3 million)

South Africans wil recognise John Okafar from his Mr Ibu films which became very popular in our country a few years ago. 


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