Virtual Reality spreads Hope against Hunger

Add Hope, a powerful initiative that unites KFC customers and staff in the fight against hunger, now feeds over 120 000 children nutritious meals, partnering with 137 beneficiaries across South Africa. Leading up to World Hunger Day on 28 May, Add Hope is using virtual reality experiences for the first time to inspire South Africans to join the Hope against Hunger Challenge and help feed even more children.

The Global Nutrition Report shows that the rates of hunger and malnutrition remain stubbornly high, with as many as one in five children in South Africa suffering from stunted growth and learning difficulties. KFC Corporate Affairs Director for Africa, Thabisa Mkhwanazi, says that in this context, World Hunger Day has significant relevance.
“The impact of hunger on a child is much more than a grumbling stomach. It impacts how children see themselves, it impacts their self-esteem and what they feel they can accomplish. We need to work together to help children learn, grow and thrive. Every time you Add Hope, and that’s why we call it Add Hope, you actually give a child so much more than food.”
Virtual reality experiences that immerse viewers in how the donations impact young lives form a vital part of the Hope against Hunger Challenge campaign.  Another dimension is added by the Hope Squad, a team of young people whose own lives have been changed by Add Hope. Sinanziwe Ndlovu (Afrika Tikkun), Tebogo Mabye (MES) and Rony Dube (Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa) will be using virtual reality headsets to show people where their money goes in a fresh and unique way.  

Mkhwanazi says that virtual reality storytelling will become a powerful tool for Add Hope as it can create a feeling of connection between customers and the children they are helping to feed in a way few other tools can. 
“We’ve found that when people have been to a beneficiary and have seen the impact on the children, they can really understand the vital difference their donations make,” she says. “We can't always take people to our Add Hope partners, but now, we can bring the experience directly to you. We hope that when you experience the stories, either through the headsets or as a 360* video online, you are really inspired to rise to the Hope against Hunger challenge this World Hunger Day and donate," says Mkhwanazi.
Add Hope raised R39 million in 2016, with every cent of customer donations going towards feeding children. Over the past seven years, Add Hope has raised just over R387 million. Mkhwanazi says, 
“The R2 donations from customers, combined with our own contributions, all add up! We really appreciate these donations which have grown each year, enabling Add Hope to keep increasing the amount of children we reach. We are passionate about the cause of hunger relief across the continent and the more we can raise together, the more children we can help. That means a more positive future for all of us.”
Join the Hope Against Hunger Challenge this World Hunger Day and help Add Hope raise R3.5 million in May to feed children around the country. You can donate online at or in any KFC restaurant in South Africa.

To find out more about Add Hope, visit

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