5 of my favorite K-Pop artists

I have a little secret. I often find myself spending hours on YouTube watching and listening to K-Pop music — it has become my guilty pleasure. 

I may not know what the lyrics are saying most of the time but often the beat and the visuals just blow me away. If there is one thing K-Pop music has on lock down is their music videos. Their choreography is INSANE. Nobody does it better!! 

No wonder artists like Beyonce and Taylor Swift copy K-Pop music video concepts thinking the world won't notice but as the genre gains more prominence, kore and more non-Asian fans are catching on. 

Anyway, I am still an amateur at this whole K-Pop thing but here are my 5 favorite K-Pop artists/songs; 

1. 'Come Back Home'  by 2NE1

2. 'Hello Bitches' by CL

3. 'Not Today' by BTS

4. 'Ringa Linga' by Taeyang

5. 'Fantastic Baby' by BIGBANG

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