Boity Needs Better Project Choices

I watched an episode of Mzansi Magic's Change Down tv show and I literally felt bad for presenter Boity Thulo.

I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and they told me about how bad the new show Change Down on Mzansi is. I watched the show for myself and quickly came to the conclusion that this is one gig Boity should have not signed up for. 

It is unfortunate that in South Africa our entertainers, regardless of how big their names are in the industry, do not have the luxury or financial freedom to choose projects ore strategically for their career. I genuinely believe if the money was there some of these celebs would make better choices. 

I understand that Boity has bills to pay. However, not all money is good money and I genuinely feel some of these show choices are hurting her brand. It is concerning when I see that her latest string of show choices might derail that brand projection. 

Hosting a show like Change Down that clearly requires a level of familiarity with cars which she clearly lacks just makes for cringe-worthy tv viewing.

With the exception of her acting gig on Rockville, Boity is yet to do a hit tv show. While the pint-sized star has built her name as a South African tv star, appearing in more than 10 tv shows and hosting four, she is yet to host a show that is career defining. 

MTVBase's Ridiculous SA which she co-hosted was not well received by critics and fans. Her stint as a host on etv's Club 808 did not work out very well. Ratings for Club 808 plummeted after Dineo Ranaka left and she failed to revive it. The show is one of the least watched shows on the channel, failing to even make the top 20 of the channel's most watched shows. She left the show few weeks ago.

Let's be honest, Boity does not command the same star power Bonang, Minnie and Pearl do. Which is not particularly a bad thing. She has room to grow at her own pace and mould her career in a way that suits her brand identity. 

What worries me is that if she continues to host shows that are ratings flops and blasted by viewers, she could end up being tagged as a bad television presenter. Because of her celebrity status, she is expected to attract big numbers of viewers but if she keeps doing shows that are not a good fit for her she risks being seen as someone who can not pull viewers and that could hurt her career. 

I am gonna be biased her... I like Boity, she is a Motswana like I am. We need more representation in the industry so I do not want her to lose the offers but I think a better strategy in her choices is warranted.  

Boity is now hosting the soccer talent search show 'Ke Yona' on SABC. There's already been reservations from some sports fans expressed on social media on her hosting.

Hopefully Boity is not forced by having to earn an income and she can be more strategic about her show choices in the future. She is gorgeous, has a huge fan base and has proven with Rockville that she has talent so there is a place for her in this business. 

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